Apparently so. Recent research confirms that committing our goals to writing really does work.

But there's more to it than just writing them down.

Make sure that the goals you commit to are your goals

Most of our goals are influenced by other people. It’s almost inevitable that the people who raised us, the people we admire or with whom we have shared experiences will have had some bearing on the goals we set for ourselves. It can sometimes be difficult to separate our goals from goals that others have, or might have for us.

Make the goals concordant goals

Researchers talk about 'concordant goals'. Concordant goals are those that match our own long-term interests and values and which give us a sense of satisfaction as we make progress towards them.

Working towards concordant goals can create momentum to take us through to the next stage, though many people slip back after reaching each stage and must refocus to ‘lock in the gains’. Even so, the researchers have found that it’s possible to create an upward spiral, ‘when people strive for the right reasons'.

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