Why would you choose Skillset? For two kinds of expertise.

The expertise of fresh ideas

 We don’t do standard stuff. We want to share what really makes a difference. We’ll give your team plenty of ‘ah hah’ moments.

In every workshop you’ll find simple methods we’ve distilled from all the research and experience available to our team.

Your colleagues will end their workshops with new insights, a new focus and some real skills.

Training expertise

Our trainers are all among the most experienced in New Zealand and at the top of their game.

You get the benefit of the whole team’s expertise. We are regularly sharing ideas and techniques for more effective training over coffee and in our offices.  We have more formal in-house trainers’ forums too.  It’s likely that there will be more than one trainer involved in developing the workshop for your team.

Our trainers have qualifications in adult education, psychology, journalism, science and teaching and a wide range of life experience that gives them credibility when leading a group.

Experience counts

We draw on all our experience when we design workshops to match our clients’ needs. Every workshop is different, but it’s likely we will have come across similar issues to yours before – and have solutions.

Experience counts in workshops too. We want your colleagues to ask questions, debate the issues and raise objections and complications.  We enjoy that. They gain new insights and overcome their doubts. Everyone benefits.

Long-term relationships are revealing

When clients keep coming back year after year, it tells you something about the quality of the training. Many of our relationships began more than a decade ago - some more than 20 years ago.

Our clients include some of the largest and most high-profile organisations in both government and the private sector.

Just need a one-day workshop? No problem. We do those too. (Some topics work well in half a day.)

Does Skillset training cost more?

Possibly a bit more than some standard off-the shelf training.  It will depend on the scale of your project.

Let’s work together to ensure the training gives you the results you really need, in the most economical way.

Want to explore some ideas?

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We’ll put you in touch with a trainer, not a salesperson.
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