Wellbeing at Work Workshop

Wellbeing at Work 

Self-care strategies for challenging times
Suitable for online training and for face-to-face delivery

Have you noticed any of your staff having difficulty coping with the big changes and the uncertainty it brings? 

Would you like to support your people with a range of practical, self-care strategies but don’t know where to start?

Using evidence-based mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and decision-making best practice, your staff can experience the benefits of increased wellness, motivation, creativity and feeling engaged with a purpose. 

What could we include?

 It's your training so we'll design a workshop to match your needs.

To get you thinking, we have some suggestions for your team’s training.

How to...

  • recognise their emotional triggers and choose more thoughtful responses
  • practise mindfulness to reduce stress, anxiety and reactivity
  • facilitate authentic, effective communication to enhance working relationships
  • prevent discouraging thinking, disharmony within the team and provide inspiration and direction to teams whose goal is to make the most of opportunities and continue to do well in difficult times
  • develop thinking skills that assist them to be imaginative, innovative decision-makers when faced with new challenges
  • cope with stress to make staff stronger and able to return to their normal productive selves
  • make wise self-care choices, benefiting personal wellbeing, and your team environment
  • feel valued and make your organisation a better place to work, with increased energy and engagement

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