Do you coach a team of professional sports people?

Do you need your team members to communicate more effectively with each other?

We are not experts in sport, but we are experts in communication and we work with coaches, sport psychologists, and their teams.

Give your sports people the interpersonal and communication skills they need to share ideas and skills - and inspire each other to better performance.

What makes Skillset’s approach different?

• We don’t do standard stuff—it’s evidence-based (not pop psychology).

• We don’t do passive seminars—our workshops are real training.

• It will be more than just tools and tricks—we get to the heart of motivation and communication.

• It will be more than abstract theories—you get simple, practical, relevant ideas and strategies.

• We make it fun and memorable.

What could we include?

It's your workshop so we'll design it for you.

Maybe how to:

• offer useful advice and suggestions

• call others to task over behaviour or attitude

• give feedback that creates results

• handle difficult conversations and challenging situations

• understand what motivates us and others

• put the three universal motivators into action

• recognise the needs and preferences of others

• apply process and structure to our communication

• ask quality questions and genuinely listen

• recognise and respond to different levels of conflict

• say ‘no’ and give ‘bad news’ in ways that preserve your team's morale and motivation

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