Employee Engagement Workshop

Employee Engagement Workshop

Achieve more productivity and retain more staff. Training for teams and their leaders.

Employee Engagement Workshop

Achieve more productivity and retain more staff

It's training from people who know about engagement and have walked the talk for many years

It's for staff as well as their team leaders.

Payoffs? On the bottom line: much better productivity, more staff who stay, fewer staff on sick leave.

Other benefits?  Better customer service, better relationships at work, even more commitment to health and safety.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • It's holistic - training for leaders and their teams (usually, separately) because the evidence is clear: that's what works best
  • Real training, not just passive seminars
  • We don't tell staff to be engaged. We make it easy for them to want to
  • It's not just about being a bit happier at work, but making work satisfying and motivating
  • Simple, practical relevant ideas and strategies
  • Evidence-based – not pop psychology
  • It'll be fun


What can we include?

(It’s your workshop, so we'll design it to meet your needs.)

A few suggestions for team leaders

How to:

  • use leadership styles that engage - and avoid those that destroy engagement
  • put the three universal motivators into action every day (They cost nothing.)
  • use simple, low risk, ways to encourage initiative
  • develop resilience in the team
  • deal with tricky things like toxic behaviour
  • develop a team with real optimism. (It's not about being relentlessly positive)

A few suggestions for your teams

How to:

  • know whether you are engaged at work - and why it matters
  • use challenges and demands to keep yourself engaged
  • develop a growth mindset - and what an extraordinary difference it can make to your life
  • develop your resilience through setbacks and disappointments
  • work on your relationships
  • make your work a mission
  • set goals and achieve them. (Let's mention the common myths about goals too.)

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Need to consult in-house first? Engaging staff: Useful ideas to discuss with your colleagues

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