The Engaging Presenter Workshop

The Engaging Presenter Workshop

Build your confidence as a speaker in meetings or at conferences. This training changes lives.

The Engaging Presenter Workshop

Build your confidence as a speaker in meetings or at conferences.

Learn how to switch on professional presence. You'll speak with much more confidence as you engage your audience.

This training is intense and challenging.

Don't think of it as just training in public speaking. It's about confidence, developing your professional presence and engaging audiences. It's suitable for people who speak to large conferences and those who want more confidence to speak up in meetings.

Many participants have told us this training has changed their lives.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • This training changes lives. Our holistic approach creates skills and confidence for speaking in any setting.
  • Real training, not a passive seminar (We want to build skills, not just give you some tips.)
  • A focus on connecting with the people in front of you, generating trust and respect even when they oppose your topic.
  • Video recording so that the participants can see their progress
  • Techniques to handle the unexpected
  • Evidence-based techniques combined with insights from many years of experience training nervous (and confident) speakers
  • Our principal presentation skills trainer wrote the book (literally).

What can we include?    

It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.

A few suggestions

How to:

  • prepare. How to fit your content to your audience. How to structure. How to get to the point! (see Getting to the Point! below).
  • get into the right frame of mind before you begin speaking
  • switch on professional presence
  • improve your body language
  • use your voice to project confidence and authority
  • be more persuasive
  • engage your audience so that you generate respect - even from those who oppose your message
  • speak to a large audience. Speaking at conferences
  • use visual aids to keep your audience awake and interested
  • respond to questions and interjections even when you don’t know the answer
  • handle difficult questions on emotional topics - even the ‘elephant in the room’.

Getting to the point!

Ever had the uncomfortable feeling that your audience is thinking Please get to the point! ?  Many an audience thinks exactly that. And many a busy manager says it out loud to those reporting to them one-on-one. But how do we do it? How do we deliver our point quickly, concisely, and with impact?

It's all in the preparation. In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • write a purpose statement
  • identify your key messages and structure your presentation, report or speech around them
  • shape your content to match the needs, attitudes and feelings of the audience
  • make your point with impact, even when there's no time for all the supporting information.

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