Recognising, responding, and reporting aggressive behaviours in the workplace - supporting health and safety systems

Training with actors. These workshops take place in a controlled and supportive environment. Participants are safely exposed to several typical types of aggression and shown how to recognise what’s happening, how to manage  to different situations and how to reduce personal emotional impacts.

 What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • We'll design the training especially for your team - your priorities, your scenarios. (Be very wary of off-the-shelf training.)
  • Serious training, not passive seminars (So, not just information, but skills that last)
  • Proven methods for managing aggressive behaviour (We use research results and the advice of people who encounter aggressive behaviour every day.)
  • The trainers are also experienced actors so the scenarios will seem very real
  • We make training challenging, fun and memorable
What could we include?

It's your workshop, so let's talk about what would be most useful for your team. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll put you in touch with a trainer, not a salesperson.

Here's what most clients ask us to include...

  • What is aggressive behaviour? (including different kinds of aggressive behaviour)
  • How to describe the behaviour in a report after the event?
  • How to look after yourself
  • When to de-esecalate of disengage?
  • What to tell yourself during and after the event.

Contact Skillset about your training needs

We design the training around your needs and priorities. Talk with one of our specialist trainers about what you want to achieve.
(There will be no pressure, that's not our style.)

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