I have plenty of speakers to choose from, what makes Ralph Brown different?

Put it this way. If you just want a traditional motivational speaker to give your conference a bit of a lift and you don't care if nothing happens afterwards, Ralph is not for you. If you want inspiration with substance, read on.

Alana's Profile

Alana is a Skillset specialist in negotiation, investigative interviewing, resolving conflict and people skills. She coaches executives and team leaders in communication skills and helps teams work together more effectively.

Alana is a relaxed and engaging speaker with a great sense of humour.

Michael is a leading authority on training in media and presentation skills. He has wide experience as a communicator - as a teacher, television journalist, presenter and director for TVNZ and on secondment to the BBC. He has trained spokespeople throughout New Zealand for more than 20 years.

Michael's books on news media and presentation skills are distributed throughout the world. They are in their fourth and third editions.

Insights from the front-line

What do workers really think about their leaders? Your leaders might be surprised. With Roydon's help they'll be inspired.

Invite Roydon Gibbs to speak at your meeting or conference on...

How to become a leadership star

What does it take to be the kind of leader that people really want to work with?

Your audience will discover simple ways to become the leader their organisation can’t afford to lose.

‘People leave leaders, not jobs’.

Roydon will help your leaders discover why their team members:

  • might not take them seriously as a leader
  • could fail to follow their instructions and deliver what you want
  • end up taking their valuable skills and knowledge elsewhere

Why choose Roydon Gibbs?

  • He has valuable insights from the front line to share with your audience.
  • Roydon is an authority on engagement at work and one of New Zealand's most experienced trainers and speakers.
  • His style is down-to-earth. He specialises in skills - not just theory.

Roydon's insights come from working with thousands of people on the front line in hundreds of workplaces.

His key solutions are based on the objective evidence of peer-reviewed research, not pop psychology.

Practical take-away messages

Roydon gets excited about the practical stuff that really does make a difference.

He is an engaging, skilful and entertaining presenter.

Your audience won’t be bored. They leave with ideas they can use from the next day.

What's most useful for your leaders?

Roydon will need to talk with you to see what would be most relevant.


  • The three universal motivators. They work for all cultures and may cost nothing
  • Promoting healthy mindsets in your team. Not just positivity, but the kind of thinking and language that really does bring out the best in workers
  • How to inspire your team. Not fancy words, but creating a sense of purpose so that your team feel great about coming to work each day
  • The two skills that will set you apart as a leader and how to use them
  • How to be clear, direct and get stuff done, without being a dictator.

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Fingal is a Skillset trainer, award-winning producer, director, actress and playwright in a career that has spanned 20 years and four continents.

She has a natural ability to connect with a group and engage them in meaningful learning, a skill which is now extending to online learning as a specialised content creator, technical assistant in video-conferencing and Articulate 360 course creator.

As a trained actress, she understands communication from a unique perspective. Fingal teaches her ‘tricks of the trade’ to course participants and engages them in realistic simulations with a wide range of characters and scenarios to provide experiential learning for her course participants. She has trained hundreds of medical and investigations professionals in this way.

Fingal has travelled to dozens of countries and lived, talked and worked with many cultures. The empathy and social flexibility she has developed from engaging with such a wide range of people has given her a real-life, lived in understanding of diversity that she brings to her work and life every day.

Academic: BA from Victoria University, sabbatical at Toronto University

ATCL Trinity College of London, Diploma from Artists Society, Karnataka

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