Customer Service Workshop

Customer Service Workshop

Engage your team so that they make your customers their priority every day.

We're offering customer service program that doesn't tell your staff to smile. It makes them want to.

It's about engaging people in customer service, not telling them what good customer service is. (They know that already.)

This training is ideal even for staff who are cynical about customer service programs. (Maybe they've done them before and nothing changed.)

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Your team will end with a customer service program they own.
  • The program will have a life long after the workshop.
  • We'll show your team a new and more thorough way of understanding what it's like being a customer of theirs.
  • We'll make customer service fun. 

Start with a customer service workshop

Let's talk about what you want to achieve, but at the end of your workshop your team could have:

  • looked at their services for both internal and external customers in seven specific ways, so that they can identify what they need to do
  • developed small, practical customer service projects - the beginning of an on-going series
  • agreed on a set of customer service values for their team and come up with some practical ways of applying them
  • made key concepts of exemplary customer service part of their in-house culture

Most of all, they will have a customer service programme of their own. They will have developed it. They will have made it work and they'll have the satisfaction that comes from its success. 

Want to add some customer service skills?

Maybe how to:

  • recognise and meet the real needs and expectations of customers (They may not be obvious)
  • develop relationships with customers - both internal and external
  • resolve complaints and handle difficult or emotional customers - including how to turn them into fans
  • use the power of professional presence to engage with customers

Could you train our people to lead our customer service programme?

Excellent idea!  It's likely to be even more effective because they'll be on the spot whenever you need someone to keep the momentum going.

We can train your customer service champions to facilitate a customer service workshop and how to keep the momentum going. They'll learn some valuable leadership and communication skills along the way.

It's a great opportunity for people who want a chance to shine - and add a great story to their CV.


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