Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Workshop

Transform dull presentations into lively workshops that develop real skills and lasting knowledge.

Train the Trainer Workshop

Transform dull presentations into lively workshops that develop real skills and lasting knowledge

A confidence-builder for subject matter experts, beginners and experienced trainers who want to refresh their skills

What makes Skillset's training for trainers different?

  • Some of the most experienced trainers in New Zealand. (We have trained in six countries - five of them regularly)
  • Real training, not passive seminars (We want to model effective training and build your skills.)
  • Plenty of opportunities to try new ideas
  • Individual feedback    
  • A new focus to training – methods, not just tips
  • We'll show your trainers how to make learning memorable – and fun

Now, the big differences...

1. We offer you a huge range of experience. 

Our trainers have trained people to teach warehouse and factory processes. They've helped team leaders use their training skills to implement new IT systems.  They've helped subject matter experts explain complex legal and economic issues. They've trained teachers in New Zealand and the Middle East.

2. We are up-to-date. Research has revealed many popular myths about learning - like matching learning styles and left-brain-right-brain thinking. Let's focus instead on how humans really learn and remember.

3. We'll help your trainers link their training to your organisation's objectives.


What could we include?

It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.

A few suggestions

How to:

  • become a confident workshop leader (with plenty of opportunities to practise)
  • motivate learners - even those who don't want to be there
  • use what the research reveals about the way adults learn
  • develop useful, realistic activities that engage learners and build skills 
  • persuade learners to change
  • lead effective ways of generating new ideas
  • give feedback that encourages further learning
  • gauge how well the participants have learned the key ideas and skills.

Let's chat about what you need

Contact us

In New Zealand: (03) 365 3164
Outside New Zealand: (64 3) 365 3164

We’ll put you in touch with a trainer, not a salesperson.
Keep in mind that Skillset designs and delivers in-house training (not public workshops)

Contact Skillset about your training needs

We design the training around your needs and priorities. Talk with one of our specialist trainers about what you want to achieve.
(There will be no pressure, that's not our style.)

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