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Time Management Workshop

Get more done with less stress and better results
It’s for staff as well as leaders.
Strictly speaking this workshop is not about managing time.
It is all about managing the things we can, and learning to work hard, smart, and well.
When we manage those things, our workflow is smoother, we lower our stress, and we raise our output.

What makes Skillset’s approach different?

·         We don’t do standard stuff—it’s evidence-based (not pop psychology)

·         We don’t do passive seminars—our workshops are real interactive training

·         It will be more than just tools and tricks—we get to the heart of motivation and productivity

·         It will be more than abstract theories—you get simple, practical, relevant ideas and strategies

·         We make it fun and memorable


What could we include?


How to:

·         understand what motivates us and others

·         put the three universal motivators into action every day

·         make your work a mission

·         use different types of goals

·         set goals and achieve them. (Let's mention the common myths about goals too.)

·         identify the impact of tasks and use tools for prioritising tasks

·         develop strategies for managing your attention

·         establish clear relationships and focus on who you need to work with

·         recognise the needs and preferences of others

·         use essential communication skills and create win-win outcomes

·         say ‘no’ nicely and give ‘bad news’ well

·         work with clear actions and focus on how to produce results

·         use strategies for managing your motivation and energy

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(There will be no pressure, that's not our style.)

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