The basics

Skillset is a training organisation based in both main islands of New Zealand.

We train people from large and medium-sized organisations in the so-called soft skills - skills that help people to be more effective at work. 

The training is in-house and designed for our clients. (We don't offer public workshops.)

Our international assignments have taken us regularly to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and to the Pacific Islands.

Our trainers are almost certainly the most experienced in New Zealand - all at the top of their game. 

Why we love what we do

Each year, we teach valuable skills to hundreds of people who want to make progress in their careers and contribute more to our economy and well-being. Who wouldn't love to help them do that?

But there's something else that makes us feel good about getting out of bed in the morning.

It's the downstream effects of what we do. 

We should explain with a few examples.

  • In workshops on presentation skills, we are helping people develop their confidence - in presentations sure, but also in meetings and even conversations. They write to us to tell us it's been life-changing. We love that.
  • In workshops on leadership, we show team leaders how to motivate their staff with throughly-tested methods that cost nothing and help everyone to contribute more - and stay.
  • In workshops on negotiation skills, we're helping employees and their organisations get what they need, but also preserve their vital relationships.
  • In workshops on writing, we help people write with more clarity, and also show them how to build relationships with their customers,  communities and colleagues.
  • In workshops on media training, 'spin' doesn't come into it. We're helping spokespeople work openly with reporters. Everyone benefits - the spokesperson, the organisation, the reporter and the community. We feel great about that when we see them on TV or hear them on the radio.
  • In workshops for WorkSafe, we are not just helping inspectors achieve their warrants. We're helping New Zealanders go home to their families each day. We love that too.
  • In reslience workshops we help employees thrive at work. And, we know they can use the same skills at home to live healthier, longer, more rewarding lives. Who wouldn't love to do that?

Our values

We're a private business, so we need to make a profit. But profit is only satisfying if we can feel good about the ways we treat our clients and each other to achieve it.

Each of us has made a written commitment to 'act in good faith' - that is, acting with integrity and doing the best for our clients and our colleagues.

How much difference do values and a mission make?

We've been in business for more than 35 years. We have long-term contracts with major organisations and some of our closest business relationships began many years ago.

We're a tight team, enjoying each other's company and looking out for each other. We know each other's families, celebrate birthdays and have flexible hours to allow the work/life balance we advocate to our clients.

It's rare for anyone to leave Skillset.


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