work from home

So you want some of your team members to work from home, from their cars or a remote office?

Select well.

Ask yourself these questions about your candidates:

  • Do they need constant propping up to stay motivated?
  • Are they crushed by setbacks?
  • Do they remind you of a ship bobbing around in the sea? (Compared to the captain on the deck determined to steer the ship through a storm)
  • Do they talk about people as winners or losers? (A sign of a fixed mindset.)

If you think the best answer to any of those questions is yes, they may not have the resilience they would need to work remotely.

Competing demands may make working remotely too stressful

You'll need to ask your candidates:

  • Do they have a space at home where they can work without constant interruption or distractions?
  • Do they think their friends and family will accept that they are at work and not available for social visits during the working day?

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