Resilience Workshop

Discover what top achievers really do with everyday setbacks and even in disasters.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Your trainer will be one of the most experienced in New Zealand and an authority on resilience (He has written books and reviewed the research for international peer-reviewed journals.)
  • Depth - far beyond simple advice like 'get more sleep and exercise' (We'll focus on long-term resilience, as well as how to feel less stressed today.)
  • Evidence-based, not pop psychology
  • Simple, practical, proven strategies to reduce stress and restore motivation

What could we include?

We would need to hear about your needs, but the programme might include:

  • why resilience is a significant health issue - including the serious effects of long-term, medium-range stress
  • myths about resilience (A few are harmful)
  • why the usual advice on handling stress isn't enough
  • choices top achievers make that increase their resilience dramatically
  • the Three Cs of Resilience and how you can use them every day at work and at home
  • real optimism - what researchers have discovered about a special kind of optimistic thinking, with huge benefits
  • how to turn a challenging experience into an opportunity to develop your professional skills - and make it a mission
  • how to stay on track when the going gets tough.

We suggest you keep your webinar training short - maybe two to four sessions of an hour each.  Let's focus on the ideas that will really make a difference.

Resilience training for managers and team leaders

Support from managers and team leaders will help to ensure that you get maximum value from your resilience workshop. The environment trainees return to is critical. Senior people can support the key ideas, use the language of the workshop and provide simple coaching as their staff continue to apply the strategies they have learned.

We can include some topics to help your senior staff add value to the training during the lockdown and when everyone returns to the office:

  • how to use the language of the workshop effectively
  • how to give feedback that encourages a 'growth mindset', real optimism and realistic thinking
  • the difference between being open about stress and harmful rumination
  • how to develop a resilient team culture.


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