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Business Writing Workshop

Transform your writing with Skillset’s method. Your team will achieve more clarity in less time.

Business Writing Workshop

Suitable for a webinar during the lockdown

In a webinar we can still make it active learning - and fun. It's a great way to develop a valuable skill and keep your team engaged and motivated. 

Transform your writing with Skillset’s method. Your team will achieve more clarity in less time.

This training sums up what modern professional writers do. It's a simple writing and editing method and your team can use it in any writing they do - from a simple email to a complex report. We've taught it to thousands of employees from large organisations in four countries.

It's the focus that makes the method so useful. In training in business writing, less really is more.

What's different about Skillset's approach?

  • Our focus on what really matters - a simple, practical writing and editing method, not just tips
  • Designed for you - our method, but with plenty of examples from your organisation (Be very wary of off-the-shelf training in writing)
  • Active learning – not passive seminars
  • A method suitable for all your writing
  • Plain English – and more clarity, more rapport with your readers
  • More persuasive documents
  • You'll have a common language of writing for your organisation – for a consistent style
  • Your trainer wrote the books on business writing (literally)
  • It'll be fun - and memorable

What can we include in this workshop?

A few suggestions:

  • Skillset’s writing and editing method (Don't miss out on that.)
  • How to build rapport and cooperation from your readers
  • Simple tools from the science of (honourable) persuasion
  • How to organise complex information quickly
  • How to grab your readers’ attention and hold it

Four brief videos on business writing to share with your colleagues

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