1. Which of these would improve your concentration? A) Meditation B) Exercise C) A nature walk D) All of them

2. Let’s say your match is tied and it’s up to you to take the kick. Which would be the better strategy? A) Rely on muscle-memory and take the kick as soon as possible B) Take the time you need.

3. If your flatmate was very distressed, but didn’t tell you, should you be confident that you would know anyway?

4. Which of these is likely to keep your granny’s mind sharp? A) Regular crosswords B) A university course C) Both

5. Does caffeine help us think better?

6. Which activities could improve your brainpower at work? A) Music  B) Chess  C) Memory games  D) None of those  E) All of those

7. Which single question is most likely to reveal whether someone is a narcissist?

How did you do?

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