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This tip is almost unknown, ridiculously simple, and makes a big difference to your PowerPoint credibility.

Why you want this tip in your toolkit

We've all been through this. The presenter reaches slide 37 and someone in the audience says, "Can we see that sales graph again...? I think it was the second slide."

Now what happens? Half the audience drops to their knees to pray, but the presenter does it to them anyway - grinding back through every intervening slide looking for that sales graph. Bad enough... but if there are also animations to work through, then the audience starts chewing tranquilisers.

Warp jump straight to a particular slide

You won't believe how easy the answer is.

  1. First, keep a record of slide numbers and topics.
  2. Now, in the middle of the presentation, find the number of the slide you want, then press that number on the keyboard and press Enter. In the above example, press 2, then Enter.
  3. To return, press 37, then enter.

Yes, it's that simple. Like entering a space portal, PowerPoint takes you right there without the usual disorienting visual rubbish in between.

And you'll look as if you know what you're doing. It's one step closer to being master of the technology rather than slave.

One extra advantage of this tip

If you're in the middle of a set of animations on slide 37, then go to slide 2, then return to 37, PowerPoint remembers which animation you were on and will automatically put you back in the right place. Very nice, very smooth.

For more along similar lines, see PowerPoint tip 3.


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