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You can put them on the wall, but they are just paper and print unless they are given life.

Values are the internal guides that we use to determine how we should behave or act in any given circumstance. You can only truly own them once they have cost you something.

You might believe in honesty, until owning up could get you in trouble. When you shape values for your company be sure to add what actions and behaviours will be part of the package.

Then go two steps further.

Pursue evidence of those values in your personal development meetings and enshrine them in your policies and processes.

For example, if you value honesty and you have a whistle-blower, how will you support that person through what is a very difficult process? Will you hire them an external support person to care for their emotional wellbeing during an incredibly stressful time? Or tell them 'thanks, we are investigating – now just wait'.

Values need legs. Which direction are yours running in?