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It may seem superficial, but it's surprisingly powerful. Researchers have found that people who fill in 'gratitude diaries' are significantly happier than people who just record events. Writing a letter or visiting someone to express your gratitude can make the receiver and you happier for up to three months.

Gratitude at home

How about ending the day by asking your partner and your children, 'What was the best thing about today?' Vary the words, but make it a habit - even on the most difficult days.

Example: gratitude for where we live

It's very human to focus on what's wrong about our country, more than reasons to be grateful for what it offers.

It could be a recipe for complacency if we over-do it, but let's celebrate what we have a little more often.

Let me give you a few examples.

Transparency International reports that New Zealand is seen as the least corrupt country in the world - with Denmark, Singapore and Sweden close behind.

The non-partisan and Australia-based Institute of Economics and Peace rates New Zealand the most peaceful country on earth - with Denmark and Norway next. 'Peaceful' takes into account such things as the stability and transparency of a country's democracy, education, material well-being, the country's commitment to human rights and its relationships with its neighbours.(See

New Zealand's two largest cities, Auckland and Wellington are ranked 4th and 12th for the best quality of living in an international survey that looks objectively at such things as public services, housing, recreation, personal fereedoms and climate. (See .

I'm grateful to live here, for my relationships with my partner, my family and colleagues. I'm grateful for the warmth of the southern summer and to be able to look forward to a holiday by the sea...That's a start.