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It's but.

Seem strange? Not what you've heard before about how but is negative and undermines what you've just said?

That's grossly overstated advice.

I like to be a contrarian speaker and writer. (You're reading an example of my contrariness.)

Contrarians use 'but' often. Some of mine...

'You may have heard that self-esteem is the key to a healthy life, but you've been misled.'

'You may think that developing your writing skills is hard, but it's not - if you focus on what really makes a difference.'

'Most people think reciting affirmations every day will make them more successful, but it won't. Those affirmations may even do you harm.'

Why but ?

But, creates surprise and surprise is the essence of good story-telling. And....and....and is just blah.

Think of your favourite television programmes. How often are you surprised by twists in the plot? Noticed how the surprises are often just before an ad break? The producers know you'll hang in there to see what comes next.

But motivates audiences. It makes your message stand out. It allows you to highlight your theme and key points. It creates memories.

But forces us to question conventional thinking and offer our audiences and readers real value. 


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