You might be thinking, both you and the learner. But who should be doing the work?

On the day, it’s the learner.

There’s truth in the adage, ‘Whoever does the work does the learning'.

Sure, you’ll be working too, but let’s be straight – if you’re using Powerpoint, one slide after the other, you’re doing all the work. You’re busy so you may think they must be. But how much of your content will participants remember and be able to use the next day?

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My two-year-old granddaughter has just started preschool.

It's such fun playing with her and noticing what she enjoys. Whether it's reading her favourite books, tipping beans between cups, or digging in the sand at the beach, she loves real-life, active involvement. It's more than fun. It's her work. She's directing her learning her own way.

Can we transfer what we know kids love doing to adult learning?

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