1. Let’s imagine you are on a diet but the slice of cheesecake in the fridge was just too tempting. What should you tell yourself? A) ‘That was a stupid thing to do!’ B) ‘Keeping to a diet can be tough’.

2. You’ve come up with a brilliant idea. It’s going to cost a significant amount of money so you have to persuade the senior management team. The team is meeting all day. You are offered two slots to present your proposal. Should you choose 11.30am or 1pm?

3. True or false? ‘One of the best ways to help kids (and adults) achieve is to boost their self-esteem’

4. You are preparing your presentation. What’s most likely to make your key ideas memorable? A) What you say B) Your pictures C) It depends on each person’s learning style

5. Which percentage of New Zealand employees change job each year? A) Less than 5% B) 30% C) More than 50%.

6. Generally speaking, does changing jobs make employees happier?

7. Which sense is most likely to trigger a memory?

8. You've signed up for a fitness programme for a year. How could it help if you were pessimistic about completing the programme?

How did you do?


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