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We can come to you. In-house training is core business for us and Skillset trainers travel all over New Zealand - and beyond.

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'100% top quality workshop.

''World class!'

'Terrific. Entertaining. Memorable.'

'Inspirational. So simple and effective.'

'Fabulous feedback from the group.'

[Workshop leader] 'Brilliant.'

'The best course of any kind I have attended'

'This has been the most confronting and most rewarding course I have ever done'

[Workshop leader] 'Amazing.'

[Workshop leader] 'Superb'

'Absolutely fabulous!'

'Excellent. Stretched me without threatening me. Involved and stretched us all.'

'Great learning experience - informative and fun.'

[Workshop leader] 'Outstanding - supportive, challenging, motivating'

'Fantastic and challenging. Great to have individual needs addressed.'

'Focused clear. Highly useful.'

'Practical, useful, non-threatening and yet no escape from participation - well done!'

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We make people more effective at work

We are leading trainers in the so-called soft skills. (We don't think there's anything soft about them)

Our focus is in-house training designed for our clients.

Almost all our clients are large organisations - throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Training Topics? A few examples...

Cube yellow Communication skills


 Cube yellow The personal skills of professional development


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No successful training company can cater for every need - and that includes us.

Try the 12-point checklist. Maybe we'll be a match. If not, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Contact Skillset to find out how we can help you with your next training event or to book a conference speaker. Send us a message, or call us on 0800 86 87 24 (from New Zealand) or on  + 64 3 365 3164 (from outside New Zealand).

We offer in-house training in communication skills such as public speaking, negotiation, business writing, working with the media, negotiation and investigative interviewing. Also: professional development skills such as resilience, leadership, engaging staff and emotional intelligence (the special skills of top achievers).

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