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Invite Roydon Gibbs to speak at your meeting for conference on 'How to be passionate about your work'

Roydon will help your audience discover their real purpose at work and eventually their passion. He's  one of New Zealand's most experiencd trainers and speakers.


How to be more engaged at work

How tomotivate your team





About Roydon Gibbs

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Roydon Gibbs is a Senior Trainer at Skillset.

Roydon specialises in engagement - how to ensure that your staff enjoy coming to work, are at their most productive, speak well of your organisation after hours - and stay.

He has been training for more than 15 years. His knowledge of engagement comes from the research and his experience working with a wide range of organisations.

Roydon holds qualifications in adult teaching and learning. He is a professional member of the New Zealand Association for Training and Development and an accredited member of the National Speakers' Association.

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