Negotiation Skills Workshop

Get what you need – and preserve your vital relationships with suppliers and colleagues

You'll be using a method used by top negotiators around the world.

We'll design the training especially for your team - your priorities, your scenarios.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • We'll show you a method that gets you what you need - and preserves your vital relationships.
  • Serious training, not passive seminars
  • In-house training designed for you (Be very wary of off-the-shelf negotiation skills training)
  • A proven method of negotiation (It's used around the world.)
  • Relevant scenarios 
  • A highly-experienced trainer, very familiar with the needs of large organisations and their negotiations
  • We make training challenging and fun

What could we include?

To teach the method we normally include:

  • the difference between bargaining and collaborating in negotiation
  • how to prepare more effectively for a negotiation (Whether it’s a long-standing community issue or a financially-driven tender process, we can show you how to get better results)
  • how to negotiate within tight parameters using BATNAs, WATNAs and ZOPAs to evaluate potential options
  • how to do simple one-off negotiations and complex multiple-party, multiple-issue negotiations with confidence and integrity
  • advanced listening and questioning techniques to help build rapport and and trust
  • psychological, cultural and social motivators so you can work with people instead of arguing over the issues
  • how to tie down an agreement, check its long-term sustainability, and ensure that the terms are unambiguous
  • how to respond effectively to the tricks that adversarial negotiators like to play
  • how to use your new communication and negotiation skills to build and improve your relationships with clients, suppliers, family, friends and colleagues.