Media Training Workshop

Enhance your organisation’s reputation with confident interviews. No more rabbits in headlights.

Enhance your organisation's reputation with confident interviews. No more rabbits-in-headlights

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Real training, not passive seminars (Developing real skills, not just providing information)
  • Relevant scenarios - typical interview topics for your organisation
  • Confidence-building (We provide useful strategies and new ways of thinking, then the opportunities to try them - with feedback from one of New Zealand's most experienced media trainers)
  • Wide application (Many of our participants use their media skills to be more effective in meetings)
  • Trainer wrote the book on working with the media (literally)

Skillset's media training has nothing to do with avoiding issues or giving less than straight answers to direct questions.

What can we cover in this workshop?

We'd like to design a programme especially for your organisation, so let's talk about your needs.

A few suggestions

How to:

  • handle that first call from a reporter with confidence - arranging an interview time and getting to grips with the reporter's agenda
  • prepare key messages, so that you can say what must be said, in a way that appeals to reporters, so that they're more likely to use it
  • take control of the interview, but in a way that ensures everyone benefits
  • give a confident, authoritative, convincing interview
  • influence what will be reported, while being interviewed
  • handle probing, aggressive or 'loaded' questions with ease
  • respond when your organisation is being discussed or attacked in blogs, or in social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • prepare a media release the media will want to use.