Media Crisis Simulation

Build your confidence that your organisation could cope with a crisis in broadcast or social media.

Be assured that your organisation could cope well with a media crisis.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Highly realistic training, designed for you (Be very wary of off-the-shelf generic media training)
  • Effective strategies to use when the avalanche of media calls arrives
  • A challenging scenario - perhaps your organisation's worst nightmare
  • Includes pressures from social media
  • Some of the most experienced trainers in New Zealand. (Skillset has trainers who have worked for many years in television, radio and newspapers. Our principal media trainer wrote Media Easy - the authority on working with the media in New Zealand.)

What could we include in this workshop?

To be effective, this training has to be so specific to your organisation that it's best to call us to explore some ideas. (There'll be no pressure. That's not our style.)