What do we know about the science sector?

Our specialists have been training scientists for many years. One of our team has a background in physics and is a regular presenter at the Royal Society's Science Media Centre. We've trained many scientists working in regional and local government.

Presentation skills for scientists

Practical help for scientists who want to speak with more confidence.

The training is suitable for those who speak to other scientists, especially when presenting papers at seminars and conferences. And it will help those who present to non-scientists at public meetings or to their colleagues.

We can also help with that special concern felt by many scientists: how can I speak with interest and enthusiasm without losing scientific credibility? How much is too much?

We will design a programme to meet your needs. Consider such core themes as: how to prepare, how to overcome nervousness and stay in control, how to develop rapport and engage with any audience, how to handle probing questions, how to use PowerPoint so that it enhances your presentation rather than take it over.

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Media skills and science

We'll show your scientists how to work productively with reporters who have no knowledge of science. We understand the concern that a reporter will sensationalise the topic, and in the process make the scientist look unscientific and lose credibility with his or her peers. We can show how to significantly improve your control of the outcome.

We will design a workshop to meet your needs. Consider: how to handle the first call from a reporter, how to talk to the reporter about translating key ideas to a lay audience, how to prepare for an interview, how to give an interview with confidence and authority, how to handle tough questions. Also, how to influence the outcome, even when you’re in the middle of the interview.

We’ll show how handling the media in a way that benefits your organisation, the audience - and the media is not rocket science.

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Effective writing for scientists

We’ll show your scientists and communications staff how to write reports, articles, booklets, leaflets, proposals and web pages for non-technical readers. We'll help them explain complex issues to people who have little background knowledge and even less interest in scientific detail. We’ll encourage them to break the habit of impersonal, passive writing that may have satisfied science editors in the past, but quickly turn non-technical readers off. If necessary, we'll persuade them that writing for a non-technical audience isn't about 'dumbing down', but about effective communication and relevance. They'll end their training with some simple, practical techniques of modern professional writing.

We will design the training to meet your needs. Consider including: Skillsets simple writing and editing system (to ensure they produce plain English) how to organise your writing in a logical way, how to get the correct balance of formality and informality, how to hold the reader’s attention, how to be more interesting without losing credibility.

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Other topics for your organisation

Skills for trainers
Managing time and pressure

Interested in training in team leadership?

We'll design a workshop especially for your leaders. Let's help them focus on what really makes the difference between top-performing teams and the also-rans.

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Interested in training in engaging employees?

A few key skills could dramatically improve your team’s morale, motivation and resilience. They will reduce absenteeism and the costs of high staff turnover. Let’s work with your leaders and your staff.

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