If you need the security of a company that knows training for business, you’re in the right place.

Training for medium and large businesses has been core business for us for more than two decades. We can design a training programme to match your business needs.

A few topics to consider...

Effective Meetings (Shorter meetings, more consultation, better decisions)

Employee Engagement (The economic argument is settled. Here’s how to achieve the benefits.)

Business Writing (More clarity in less time)

Presentation Skills (How to engage audiences)

Media Skills (No more rabbit-in-the-headlights interviews)

See the full list under the tab 'in-house training' on the home page. If you don't see exactly what you need, just contact us. If it's training in communication or the psychology of professional development, we can almost certainly help you.

You might be amazed by the range of effective training we've provided over many years. Let's make use of that knowledge and experience with a programme designed for your team.



Interested in training in team leadership?

We'll design a workshop especially for your leaders. Let's help them focus on what really makes the difference between top-performing teams and the also-rans.

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Interested in training in engaging employees?

A few key skills could dramatically improve your team’s morale, motivation and resilience. They will reduce absenteeism and the costs of high staff turnover. Let’s work with your leaders and your staff.

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