Training for central government is core business for Skillset's experienced trainers. We have long-term contracts with your sector and our closest relationships go back many years.

Some popular topics...

Presentation skills

We'll listen carefully to your situation before we design your workshop. We can help your staff handle the full range of presentations - from interested to challenging, even hositle audiences.

Consider themes such as: how to replace nervousness with confidence and authority, how to persuade, how to organise your thoughts and prepare, how to handle questions and interjections, how to use PowerPoint effectively. Also, how to develop rapport and engage with any audience so that they respect you, even when they disagree with you.

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It's a health and safety issue. It's also about ensuring that your staff are fully engaged in their work - and problem-solvers, not passive victims of events or work pressures. We'll show them simple techniques that the most resilient people use when the going gets tough. The workshop would draw on research over the last 20 years which reveals what resilient people really do. The training is just as relevant for teams as individuals.

We will design a workshop to meet your needs. Consider such topics as: choices resilient people make, how to develop real optimism, how to manage disruptive emotions and stress, how to build your supportive relationships, how to keep yourself motivated, how to motivate others in challenging times. (Real optimism? It's a special kind of optimism. Talk to us about it.)

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Investigative interviewing

This workshop is primarily for staff in central government organisations who conduct investigative or enforcement activities.

Your investigative interviewers can learn or enhance their skills in the highly-effective PEACE method. They can learn how to manage their legal obligations alongside their enforcement responsibilities.

The PEACE method is simply a framework. We can add even more value.

We can show your team how to conduct an interview that meets best-practice standards worldwide and guarantees they get the best information possible, even with third parties present.

We will design a training programme to meet your needs. Consider themes such as: how to prepare for an interview, how personality impacts interviews, building and keeping rapport, managing aggressive interviewees, the structure of the interview, challenging the interviewee, managing the lawyer, dealing with deceit, following cues, closing the interview, evaluating the impact of the interview on the investigation.

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Negotiation skills

This training is based on the findings of the Harvard Project on Negotiation. The method is a good fit for central government organisations that need to create ‘all gain’ outcomes for stakeholders and communities. We’ll show you how to work collaboratively with other parties towards an outcome that not only gives everyone what they need but also develops their vital relationships along the way.

Don’t mistake the collaborative approach for a soft option. It's simply a focus on getting what you need - without the fallout. We’ll also show you how to manage adversarial and aggressive negotiators with confidence.

We'll design your training programme to match your needs. Consider themes such as: the six-step method for effective negotiation; six habits of ineffective negotiators; zero-sum and positive-sum strategies; how to ensure you get a good deal; developing and using BATNAs; advanced interactive skills for reading cues and building rapport; recognising positions and demands; ensuring the sustainability of your agreement; dealing with adversarial tactics.

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Media skills

We understand the special difficulties in having to answer, ultimately, to the minister. Then there are other challenges. How do you speak in a convincing and persuasive manner without damaging your credibility as a public servant? How do you handle reporters who see government organisations only as targets for attack? We can help.

We are specialists in how to handle challenging public issues.

We recommend that the workshop includes: the first call - how to interview a reporter so that you know what you are dealing with, how to prepare key messages the public will listen to. Above all, how to give a confident, convincing interview. For those likely to be in the firing line, we can also show how to handle tough, emotionally-loaded interviews.

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Effective writing

It's suitable for staff who write letters and emails to stakeholders, monthly reports to managers, or communicate with other departments or ministries. We include a focused approach to writing in plain English and ways of organising complex material into a logical structure.

We can show your staff ways of ensuring that readers do read everything they write. If you need it, we can include 'email etiquette' and clear up any confusion over such things as capital letters, apostrophes and commas.

We recommend that your workshop includes: the golden rule of writing, the five keys to effective writing, how organise your writing in a logical way, how to get the correct balance of formality and informality, how to hold the reader’s attention; how to make the writing more absorbing without losing credibility.

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'People' skills

'People' skills can make a huge difference in government organisations, where the way staff interact with others has a direct impact on job satisfaction, public image and personal stress. We’ll show you how to understand the motivations and behaviours of others so that you can get on the same wavelength and communicate more easily.

We recommend that your workshop includes: what makes people tick, developing rapport; effective listening skills, changing communication styles, how to have courageous conversations, saying no assertively and constructively, managing difficult interactions with ease, giving feedback to achieve change.

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Safety and security in the workplace

With central government organisations often taking the flak for political and regulatory decisions, it’s more important than ever that your people know how to keep themselves and others safe in the workplace.

We’ll show your team how to develop safety plans and ensure your procedures meet legal requirements. We’ll show them how to deal with dangerous and potentially dangerous situations more effectively and confidently. We’ll show you how to be well prepared before these situations arise.

We recommend that your workshop includes such core themes as: how to keep yourself safe; the importance of workplace safety to your business, recognising and dealing with unsafe situations, personal safety techniques; understanding stress responses; assault, harassment and the law.

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Need something else?

If it's communication skills of the personal skills of professional development you need, let's talk. We can design training especially for you. That's the advantage of in-house training.

Interested in training in team leadership?

We'll design a workshop especially for your leaders. Let's help them focus on what really makes the difference between top-performing teams and the also-rans.

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Interested in training in engaging employees?

A few key skills could dramatically improve your team’s morale, motivation and resilience. They will reduce absenteeism and the costs of high staff turnover. Let’s work with your leaders and your staff.

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