It depends.

If most of your team are working from home, online training might be a good choice, but it will depend on what you need.

Online works well if...

  • your team works remotely
  • you just need your team to hear some new ideas and discuss them with a specialist
  • information and discussion will be enough for them to develop a new skill as they work
  • you want to include some coaching or mentoring
  • you want to combine online and face-to-face training (a hybrid)

Face-to-face workshops are better if ...

  • you need your team to develop challenging new skills, critical to your business
  • you need them to have individual feedback 
  • the skills are complex
  • you need a specialist to pick up on subtle behaviours such as tone, authority or confidence

Let's talk about what you need to achieve.

Questions you might ask

Would online training be a workshop or just a seminar?

A workshop. We wouldn't suggest a topic if we couldn't include activities, discussion and feedback. Just listening is not effective learning.

How long should online training be?

We recommend no more than a couple of hours per session - with a break in the middle. It's the limit of most people's concentration online.

Would it cost less?

Possibly. You would have no travel or accommodation costs so staff could attend online from anywhere in New Zealand or overseas, with only the training fee to pay.


Not sure what to do next?

Give us a call. We'll put you in touch with a trainer, not a salesperson. If the topic you have in mind is not suitable for online training, we'll be the first to say so.

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