team leadership

Team Leadership Workshop

Give your leaders the skills to build highly motivated, resilient teams.

Team Leadership Workshop

Give your leaders the skills to build highly motivated, engaged teams

Your chief executive will love it, because it's for team leaders. They're the people who can change cultures and retain staff more effectively than anyone else. (Staff leave immediate bosses, not jobs.)

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Real training, not passive seminars
  • We focus on how leaders develop high-performing teams. (That's the outcome that really matters.)
  • Simple, practical, proven strategies
  • Evidence-based, not pop psychology
  • We make training challenging, memorable and fun

What could we cover?

(It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.)

A few suggestions:

  • Why effective team leaders are vital in any organisation
  • Outstanding characteristics of the world’s most successful leaders (Prepare for some surprises.)
  • Six leadership styles you’ll need in your leadership toolkit
  • Three ‘universal motivators’ you should be using every day (and they cost nothing)
  • How to delegate so you get the outcome you want without micro-managing
  • How to make your team resilient when the pressure is on
  • How to keep your team engaged, so they are really motivated - and stay with you
  • How to handle difficult conversations
  • How to handle the workload when the pressure is on
  • How to contribute to your team’s mental and physical well-being

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