The 10-point checklist

No successful training company can cater for every need - and that includes us. This table will help you decide whether we’re a match for your organisation.

    Can Skillset help?
1. Do you have more than five staff to train or coach? Yes
2. Do you need training in the personal skills of professional development – the so-called soft skills? Yes
3. Is developing skills your priority (more important than information or tips)? Yes
4. Do you want a brief seminar or presentation (rather than a workshop)? Probably
5. Do you want an active workshop?  Yes
6. Do you need training designed especially for your organisation? Yes
(It’s our thing.)
7. Will a generic programme be enough? No
8. Do you really need an experienced trainer?  Yes
9. Do you need a strategy to continue the learning?  Yes
10. Do you need a chat with a trainer (rather than a salesperson) before you decide?  Yes



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