1. A friend looks sad today. Would she feel better if she told you she is sad, or would expressing out loud how she is feeling  only make things worse?

2. Are psychopaths attracted to other psychopaths?

3. Is social media good for your health?

4. Which of these parts of our brain allows us to control our emotions? A) Amygdala B) Pre-frontal cortex C) Cerebellum

5. Let’s say you are Goal Shoot for the Silver Ferns against Australia. The scores are even and in the last 30 seconds of the game you have a chance to ensure a victory for New Zealand. What’s the best way to stop yourself choking under pressure? (For our overseas readers: the Silver Ferns is New Zealand's netball team.)

6. How much of your happiness is likely to depend on your relationships? A) 3 per cent B) 10 per cent C) 70 per cent

7. Which is more accurate? A) ‘Success brings happiness.’ B) ‘Happiness brings success’

 How did you do?

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