1. Where should you expect to find people using email and instant messaging more? A) In separate offices   B) In an open plan office

2. Do fussy-eating children grow up to be fussy-eating adults? 

3. What proportion of people believe they are above average intelligence? A) 50 per cent   B) 35 per cent   C) 65 per cent

4. Your friend’s relationship is over. She’s heartbroken. What words should you choose to console her?

5. Let’s say you’re now enjoying your work as much as your weekends. Which of these should you expect? A) Less depression   B) Less stress   C) Better relationships   D) All of them

6. Is happiness genetic? A) No   B) Partly   C) Mostly

7. What’s the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

How did you do?

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