1. Do ‘nice guys’ usually finish first or last at work?

2. What’s the best way to build a successful relationship?

3. What’s the most reliable way to predict that a relationship will fall apart?

4. In the early 90s people 65 years and over make up one per cent of the workforce in New Zealand. Guess the figure now.

5. Your team wants to do some creative problem-solving. Which room should you choose? (A) A sparsely furnished and decorated room to avoid distractions (B) A room with familiar furniture and decorations to make everyone feel at home (C) Who cares? It wouldn’t make any difference

6. Which of these would tell you that you are probably talking to a psychopath? (A) Irresponsibility (B) Criminal behaviour (C) Callousness

7. Open plan or separate offices? Which is more likely to make a team more productive?

How did you do?

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