Fingal is a Skillset trainer, award-winning producer, director, actress and playwright in a career that has spanned 20 years and four continents.

She has a natural ability to connect with a group and engage them in meaningful learning, a skill which is now extending to online learning as a specialised content creator, technical assistant in video-conferencing and Articulate 360 course creator.

As a trained actress, she understands communication from a unique perspective. Fingal teaches her ‘tricks of the trade’ to course participants and engages them in realistic simulations with a wide range of characters and scenarios to provide experiential learning for her course participants. She has trained hundreds of medical and investigations professionals in this way.

Fingal has travelled to dozens of countries and lived, talked and worked with many cultures. The empathy and social flexibility she has developed from engaging with such a wide range of people has given her a real-life, lived in understanding of diversity that she brings to her work and life every day.

Academic: BA from Victoria University, sabbatical at Toronto University

ATCL Trinity College of London, Diploma from Artists Society, Karnataka

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Fingal is a business writing specialist at Skillset. Her career, including her five years with Skillset, has focused on communication.

Fingal is also an experienced publicist, proposal writer and a professional playwright, actor and director. She uses and advocates simple and direct communication, but her workshops offer much more than plain English.

In the last ten years Fingal has used her skills as a professional actor to help front-line staff manage challenging and aggressive behaviour and trained doctors, police and pharmacists in communication and empathy.

It has been valuable experience for training writers and she shows workshop participants how to write emails, letters and reports that build rapport with readers and are easy to read, absorb and remember.

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