In presentations, get to the point! And do it early. In the introduction, tell the audience why you’re really there. Use the word "that".

Why most presenters don't get to the point early

Getting to the point in the introduction sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But most presenters don't do it because they’re afraid to put themselves on the line. They’ll say, “I want to talk about the proposed schedule” when their real purpose is, “I want to show you why we must adopt the proposed schedule.”

How to get to the point in your introduction

So, in your preparation, ask yourself: What do I want my audience to think, feel or do as a result of this presentation?

Then write the answer in a form like this:

“I want to…(show you that / demonstrate that / convince you that / show you why / outline how /……)

Notice how often the word “that” crops up? In the introduction, it will usually help you get to the point early.


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