Skillset New Zealand Blog

Ideas to help your team develop personally and professionally.

Here are some suggestions drawn from our own experience, the research, our clients and trainers around the world… 

  • Use the language of the training when giving feedback. (It’s essential.)
  • Provide coaching for one or two staff members at a time.
  • Provide a workshop refresher. It’s best done internally, but ensure that whoever is leading it is not providing a watered-down version of the key concepts.
  • Put up posters reminding everyone of the key ideas from the training.
  • Ask team members to provide brief presentations on a particular aspect of the training.
  • Include a key training point in every staff newsletter or e-mails to the whole team.
  • Organise ‘master classes’ for the team members to share ideas and develop their skills.
  • Develop champions to keep the momentum going (particularly appropriate for customer service training).
  • Create opportunities for colleagues to teach others what they learned in their training.
  • Develop a speakers’ club for those who have learned presentation skills. One of our Crown research institute clients has an in-house Toastmasters club.
  • Praise, effort, determination and resilience. 

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