I was once late to catch a plane to London. The flight had already closed, but there was a delay, so the counter staff relented. I dashed through the various checks, along the travelator, panting, and came to a halt at the end of a long queue of passengers.

After a few minutes I heard an American businessman complain about having to wait. ‘Ah well,’ grinned his companion, looking totally relaxed, ‘It sure beats being an ant in a sand hill.’ It sure beats missing your flight too. It’s all a matter of perspective.

That kind of positive thinking is a key to resilience and a tool we can sharpen...

A friend is going through a terrible time. Serious career, financial and family health issues have come together all at once.

She sent me an email recently that showed that she knew exactly what to do, but on that day none of it seemed relevant and she was feeling very low. Now, she feels she has her resilience back - and new insights.

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