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'70 Ways to Thrive at Work.' is published by Bookboon, the world's largest publisher of e-books, based in Copenhagen and London. 

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Who wrote it?
Our founder and MD Ralph Brown - one of New Zealand's most experienced trainers and professional speakers.

What's it based on?
Most of it comes from peer-reviewed research, so it's not pop psychology. The rest is based on our experience training thousands of employees of large organisations in five countries.

Is it full of academic jargon?
No. It's an easy read.  

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No problem. All we ask is that you acknowledge Skillset.
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First, relax. Few of us discover our life's passion in a moment of inspiration. We have to develop it.

Here's what the researchers who've studied top achievers advise.

1. Experiment

Try new projects and new roles at work. See what seems interesting. If there's nothing, finish the projects and leave the new role after a reasonable time. Keep looking.

2. Ask some vital questions

Found something that seems interesting or satisfying? Ask yourself: If I continue will this activity give me eudaimonia?  (It's Greek.)

Activities that help others are a source of eudaimonia.  You might think of eudaimonia as the satisfaction of a life well-lived - not just a life of hedonistic indulgence, but a life that allows you to look back and say 'I made a difference'.

Think about the contribution you are making to others. Are you helping the team? Are you helping people who really need your service? Are you helping humanity?


If you keep going, will you be acting out your values? Will your activity or interest allow you to become your best self? What can you learn about that activity or role? Keep an open mind whether you want to continue.

4. Develop your expertise

Think you have found something that fits your interests, your values and could lead to eudaimonia?

Take opportunties to develop your skills and know more about the topic. Over time you will find that you are naturally drawn to relevant information. You'll spend more and more time on the activity. 

It's like romance

Researchers like to compare finding our passion at work with finding a life partner. It's not realistic to keep hoping that the one-and-only will just happen to come along. Instead, choose the match that seems about right and put the effort in to make it work.



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