So what's a liberating choice?

It's a choice that helps us to achieve more, be more resilient to life's setbacks and have better relationships.

Netflix Vs Free-to-air is not a liberating choice. Even if it's a big issue in your relationship, it's just a choice. Liberating choices are life-changing.

Choosing to be in charge of our own lives

The supreme liberating choice to be in charge of our own lives - not victims, not assuming that our success depends on others or luck.

Once we've made that choice, we can make other choices that help us put it into action.

We can choose to be courageous, proactive, happy, unembarassable, to love unconditionally and to let go of the past - past hurts, resentments, anger, loss and feelings of failure.

Courage is the most useful choice, even with everyday events

Courage can be as dramatic as Willie Apriata rescuing his mate under fire in Afghanistan, or as moving as Milala Yousafzai choosing not to give in to the Taliban.

Courage can be as low-key as failing today and saying, I'll give it another go tomorrow'. It's courage too because we risk disappointment, maybe even humiliation, and choose to do it anyway.

Even making liberating choices doesn't change lives instantly, or make us feel better right away. But it does give us a new focus and the chance to get more out of life.

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