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presenter addressing tough questions

I'm not talking about normal questions from an interested questioner, I'm talking about loaded questions and interjections, conveying emotions like concern, or apprehension, or anger.

What does emotional loading mean in practice?

It can come to you in two ways, often both together. 

Emotion conveyed by tone.  For example, imagine an audience member saying, "This is exactly what we did last time." Or  "You mean three times a day?" Tone could make those words neutral, or they could load them with frustration or annoyance.

Emotion conveyed by words. For example, "My team will be annoyed about this."  Or  "The clients are going to be wary."  Or "I'm sceptical about the changes."  The emotional words are annoyedwary, and sceptical

However the emotion comes at you, you can't help but feel it. The challenge is to respond well. But first...

Become a focus-shifter.

It’s a nifty way to evict the speaking butterflies that get between you and confidence. But first, a little background.

No-one can truly multi-task.