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Most of us suspect we speak too fast. And many of us do, especially when we're feeling self-conscious. Some machine-gunners even tell me, 'I hate speaking, I just want to get it over with faster.' So first up, find out if you really are too fast - ask an honest colleague to watch you speak in front of a meeting.

Yes? Okay, lets get to a cure.

The beast? That's the horrific inner voice that whispers in our heads - rubbish like this:

You're going to make mistakes... You're going to forget your words... Don't put yourself out on a limb, or they'll see all your flaws... Don't act confident or they'll think you're arrogant.... You lack credibility because you're too hairy / bald / fat / skinny / young / old / wrinkled / naff / pigeon-toed... (choose your own)