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Check out the health of your VPI (Vision, Planning, Assign).

Developing your team's vision

Your team needs a vision.

They need to know why they leave the comfort of their bed every morning to come to work. Your vision should be easy to understand and tangible – we need to know when we have fulfilled it.

Your team’s vision should tie into your organisation's vision and it should be specific to how your team contributes to the big picture.

Planning so you can move towards the vision together

Next check on the planning.

Get the team together and look at your vision and ask ‘what are we doing that helps us get there? What should we be doing to help us get there? What is stopping us from getting there?’

Together make plans with action steps that address each issue and move you all towards the goal. So now you have a vision and a plan, it’s time to implement.

Assigning responsibilities

Assign responsibilities for action steps to various team members so they own the work and reap the rewards. Get regular updates on progress. Tick off achievements and celebrate successes together. Empower your team to succeed.