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Mixed messages? It might be because your actions don't match your words.

We are wired to believe actions over words. While your messages are important, your actions are absolutely crucial.

Matching your actions and words is crucial if you want us to believe your message and act on it.

Imagine this. The Group Manager holds a meeting to talk about ways to reduce the risk of spreading bugs in the office. Amongst other things, the GM tells staff to wash their own coffee mugs immediately after use. The next day a staff member sees the GM has abandoned his coffee mug, half-full, on his desk. The coffee mug is there the next day and the next. The team take a secret sweepstake to see how long it will take for the GM to wash his own cup.

What are the effects of that small action on:

  • The message?
  • The GM?
  • The team’s behaviour?
  • The relationship between the GM and the team?
  • The goal of reducing the spread of bugs?

In leadership, small things matter. Be a consistent example for your team and they will respect you and do what you ask of them.