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How often do you depend upon your colleagues so that you can provide exceptional service to your customers?

How often do your colleagues rely on you to complete a task, so that they can then complete a task they are responsible for?

The service we give each other as colleagues has a direct impact on the service that we give to our customers.

Making it happen

How can we make sure that we are giving our colleagues good service?  You might want to discuss these sample questions with your colleagues. You're sure to be able to add your own. (Think about times your team's in-house service has been less than perfect.)

  • How easy is it for your colleagues to contact you? For example: Do you keep your calendar up to date and share it so colleagues can see when you are available?
  • How does the way you use your workspace affect the service you can give your colleagues? For example: Do you have an organised system for keeping track of important communication and files you are working on with colleagues?
  • Do you treat your colleagues with the same level of courtesy as you do customers? For example: Do you consistently greet your colleagues with a friendly hello, and regularly use a sincere please and thank you, when working with them?
  • Do you behave in ways that make your colleagues feel that they can trust and rely on you? For example: Do you consistently turn up to meetings on time and prepared?
  • Do you take opportunities to make your colleagues feel special? For example: When was the last time that you genuinely complimented a colleague with some positive feedback about a task they had performed?

By paying attention to the quality of service we give our colleagues we raise the quality of service we offer our customers. And it can make our work far more enjoyable.

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