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A briefing before you download your free e-book...

'70 Ways to Thrive at Work.' is published by Bookboon, the world's largest publisher of e-books, based in Copenhagen and London. 

For you, it's free and you don't have to sign up for anything. (We're giving it to you as a .pdf file)

Snack on bite-sized tips to help you...

    • be happier at work
    • build successful relationships
    • be more persuasive
    • achieve your goals
    • manage stress and build your resilience
    • develop your leadership skills
    • write with more clarity in less time

Who wrote it?
Our founder Ralph Brown - one of New Zealand's most experienced trainers and professional speakers.

What's it based on?
Most of it comes from peer-reviewed research, so it's not pop psychology. The rest is based on our experience training thousands of employees of large organisations in five countries.

Is it full of academic jargon?
No. It's an easy read.  

Can I print it or send it to my friends and workmates?
No problem. All we ask is that you acknowledge Skillset.
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