Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop

Discover simple, practical strategies for dealing with big issues.

Let's give your team confidence that their decisions are high quality.

Let's get rid of the frustrations too. They'll spend less time in meetings.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Real training, not passive seminars
  • The most valuable ideas from international best-practice 
  • A new focus - particular ways of thinking about problems and decisions
  • Practical strategies, not just advice and tips
  • Opportunities to practise the strategies in the workshop with feedback from a highly-experienced trainer
  • We'll make it fun

What can we cover in your training?

(It’s your workshop so we’ll design it to meet your needs.)

A few suggestions:

  • new strategies for solving problems - such as the pre-mortem and the Inquiry Method
  • systematic processes that eliminate thinking biases, cut through clutter and complexity and help you arrive at the best answers
  • ways to distinguish between symptoms and the root causes of problems
  • how to manage risks and opportunities
  • strategies for thinking clearly and creatively to find practical answers to real problems
  • techniques for working collaboratively to solve current problems and achieve win-win decisions
  • questions to ask to find hidden insight
  • strategies for applying your new skills back on-the-job.
  • opportunities to try your new strategies and ideas on your most pressing problems