Leading Virtual Teams Workshop

Learn what it takes to ensure your people flourish in a virtual team.

Eliminate the risks and reap the benefits of virtual teams.

Let's focus on the special challenges of leading people who work from home, their cars or remote offices. 

What makes Skillset's approach different?

  • Real training, not passive seminars
  • Vital information - our pick of what really makes a difference
  • Evidence-based – not just pop psychology
  • Simple, practical, proven strategies
  • Includes the experience of a company that has used the same methods for many years. (Our own team works in different offices. We are all highly-engaged and our staff turnover is extraordinarily low.)
  • We’ll make it fun.

What can we cover in your training?

(It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.)

A few suggestions:

  • what’s different about leading virtual teams?
  • how to decide who is suitable to join a virtual team and who should be based in the office
  • the three ‘universal motivators’. (Every leader should know them – especially leaders of virtual teams.)
  • vital conversations with staff joining virtual teams
  • how to develop your team members’ independence and resilience
  • how to keep the energy going when some or all of the team work remotely.